Two men celebrate 25 years together by traveling the country to get married in every state where they can, in this award-winning documentary narrated by George Takei. "Equal parts love story and political protest" -TIME

Thursday, April 26, 2012

26 Years, 8 Weddings, 1 Big Love Story

APRIL 26, 2012- Twenty-six years ago today in Denton, Texas, Pat and Stephen became a couple. Last year, to celebrate their quarter-century of love, they undertook a "wedding tour,"traveling the country to get married in every state that would let them-- an undertaking which was expected to end with their April 26, 2011 wedding on the steps of the Supreme Court.

Today the journey is still going, both because the grooms have resolved to continue their matrimonial road trip as more states join the marriage equality map, and because Married and Counting, the film that documents the first year of their endeavor is almost complete.

Tomorrow, there will be a sneak preview of the nearly finished film at Appalachian State University. It is part of an event to raise awareness of North Carolina's upcoming vote on Amendment One, which seeks to create a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, civil unions, and even domestic partnerships. Ordinarily, we would not screen a less than final version of the movie, but the opportunity to be part of the Amendment One debate goes to the heart of why we made the film.

We hope to soon announce the official completion of the movie, and the date and location of its premiere. In the mean time, we wish a heartfelt congratulations to Stephen and Pat on their 26th anniversary.

Sneak Preview

There will be a special sneak preview of the nearly finished movie this Friday at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, as part of an event to raise awareness of the upcoming vote on Amendment One, which seeks to create a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships in North Carolina. Although Pat and Stephen cannot attend the screening, they have this message for the viewers.

We embarked on this romantic journey (that continues and will continue as more states get themselves right with the Lord) as a celebration of the love we've shared for 25 years.

We want to say to all free thinking citizens everywhere, but especially to you North Carolinians, that the end of marriage discrimination is at hand. This Genii is never going back in the bottle. If Amendment 1 should pass, take heart, because it will not stand. The tide is sweeping us all toward Equal Justice Under Law; it must for it always has. No matter the set backs, we the people move triumphantly forward to the broadest definition of freedom for the greatest number of people.
The question is often asked "What is PRIDE and why do gay people need so much of it?" Well pride is not only the feeling of being Proud; proud of oneself, proud of accomplishments, proud of facing one's responsibilities. Pride is also the absence of shame. Gay citizens stand together now to say, "We are not ashamed." We have nothing to be ashamed of so we will have the pride and the rights as citizens that American Freedom promises us.

It was our fondest wish to be there with you for this screening and we are sad circumstances did not permit it. But know that we are behind you all 100% in the fight to stop Amendment 1 and we will add our voices to yours at every turn possible.

Stay strong, get the word out, get out and vote and keep loving each other with all your might and all your PRIDE!