Two men celebrate 25 years together by traveling the country to get married in every state where they can, in this award-winning documentary narrated by George Takei. "Equal parts love story and political protest" -TIME

Monday, March 14, 2011

Married and Counting

For nearly twenty-five years, Pat Dwyer and Stephen Mosher have been living in sin. Although their quarter-century relationship already has outlasted the average American marriage, it is less legally legitimate than that of two drunken strangers who marry in Vegas. But now that several states have passed marriage equality laws, Mosher and Dwyer are ready to make honest men of each other. One fine Saturday, they march out of their apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, load up a van with a dozen wedding guests and drive to a friend's Vermont farm to get married. However, they don’t stop there.  

In lieu of a honeymoon, the newlyweds launch a cross-country "wedding tour," re-marrying in every state that will let them: New Hampshire, Iowa, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and even California (where gay marriage is in limbo). The trip will culminate on their twenty-fifth anniversary, when they will marry in Washington, DC, outside the Supreme Court.

Married and Counting is part political documentary, chronicling the ongoing nationwide struggle to define what constitutes a marriage, and part road-trip romantic comedy, telling the story of a funny, charismatic couple, coping with the stress of planning seven weddings in as many states.  Most of all, it is a love story of two men who for twenty-five years have committed themselves to each other, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, and who are willing to take on any challenge to let America know that their marriage counts.